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Webinar recap: Juneteenth – what managers need to know

In this webinar, The Mintable is joined by Caren Young, President and Founder at The Professional Adult, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultancy based in Chicago, for a session about the national holiday, Juneteenth.

Caren covered a history of the national holiday, Juneteenth, and why is it important. She also went through how managers can honor the holiday, and shared ways to celebrate and not to celebrate.  Finally, she talked about how to recover and actually apologize if you get it wrong. 

Watch the full recording below:


  • Melissa Miller

    Melissa Miller is an experienced manager, executive and, most recently, co-founder of The Mintable. The Mintable focuses on supporting managers through training, tooling and a supportive manager community. Before founding The Mintable, Mel spent a decade in tech start ups and most recently led the health insurance operation teams at Gusto. Mel lives in Denver on a small hobby farm with her daughter and husband.