When it comes to manager enablement, should you build or buy? Get the lowdown from L&D experts at Salesforce & Caribou - Register for our webinar now!

Upcoming Webinars

Manager enablement: To build or buy?

Upcoming Webinars

Manager enablement: To build or buy?

Wed Oct 5 @ 12pm PDT | 3PM EDT

Are you ready to invest in developing your managers, but aren’t sure whether to build out your own content in-house or outsource with a trusted partner? The reality is there’s room for both, but it can be hard to know where to begin. 

In this live webinar, The Mintable’s Head of Learning Trisha Duffy will talk with Lindsey Siegel, Director, Employee Advocacy & Belonging at Salesforce, and Rebecca Wollard, Director of Learning & Development at Caribou about what great learning means to them. They will also share how they’ve successfully built manager training and development programs their teams (and executives) love.

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You’ll learn:

  • The key skills you need to develop in your managers and which are suited to in-house programs or external programs
  • A breakdown of the key options for manager training and guidance on how to compare them
  • A real-life understanding of how seasoned L&D pros approach manager development while also juggling ongoing business demands and low bandwidth.-


Manager enablement: To build or buy?

Trisha Duffy

Head of Learning

The Mintable

Lindsey Siegel

Director, Employee Advocacy & Belonging


Rebecca Wollard

Director of Learning & Development