Author: Lauren Humphrey

Why We Founded The Mintable

For my co-founder, Mel Miller, and I, starting The Mintable was the culmination of everything we’ve succeeded at, failed at, and believed deeply.

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Webinar Recap: WTF is Going On?!?

In this webinar, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Angsuwat, Chief People Officer at Blackbird, and former CPO at Thumbtack, to talk through the crazy conditions that HR, execs and founders are dealing with right now. Our objective was to provide our audience with very practical ways for handling these unprecedented times of change and stress and making sure their teams feel supported and motivated. We had a great conversation with a ton of input and questions from our audience.

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WTF is Going On?!? 4 Practical Ways HR & People Leaders Can Support Teams in Challenging Times

HR and People leaders are dealing with a lot right now, and our teams are burnt out from unprecedented change and stress. Even worse, we’re headed into a period of continued volatility. 

Now is the time for HR and People leaders, execs, and founders to invest in and empower their people leaders to help their teams get through the ups and downs. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Read this guide for practical tips and tactics that you can roll out today.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to set expectations for your leaders
  • How to ensure your managers feel they are supported
  • How to communicate proactively and candidly
  • How to activate your managers as an extension of your HR team. 

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The Mintable raises total US$6M led by Blackbird to develop great managers globally

Today, the team at The Mintable is thrilled to announce big news:
  • We’ve raised a total of US$6M in funding led by Blackbird
  • We’ve hired an AMAZING Head of Product, Marie-Claire Dean, who joins us from Google and Atlassian
  • We’ve launched a brand new platform and we’re expanding our membership offerings available to both individual managers looking to accelerate their careers and talent-minded organizations investing in their teams.
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