The top 5 things new managers need

When you’re supporting a newly promoted manager, you want to set them up for success so that they can develop into a confident, effective leader and amplify performance and culture. And arguably the most critical stage to support newly promoted managers is right at the beginning when they are transitioning to the role. But what are the key areas new managers need the most support in?

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Webinar recap: Upskilling your team – how to make the case & spend your budget

In this webinar, our CEO Lauren Humphrey sat down with Tanya Christie, COO & Tax Manager at Fullstack Advisory to give HR and People teams a step by step guide on how to make a clear case and get their manager enablement plans approved by their CFO, CEO or other executive.

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Webinar Recap: WTF is Going On?!?

In this webinar, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Angsuwat, Chief People Officer at Blackbird, and former CPO at Thumbtack, to talk through the crazy conditions that HR, execs and founders are dealing with right now. Our objective was to provide our audience with very practical ways for handling these unprecedented times of change and stress and making sure their teams feel supported and motivated. We had a great conversation with a ton of input and questions from our audience.

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Webinar Recap: Juneteenth – What Managers Need to Know

In this webinar, The Mintable is joined by Caren Young, President and Founder at The Professional Adult, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultancy based in Chicago, for a session about the national holiday, Juneteenth.

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Reclaiming manager

Sometime in the last 20 years, the word “manager” has turned into the 4-letter-word of the business world. Everyone is now a “leader,” a “head of,” a “supervisor,” or a “team lead.” Even “boss” has made a comeback. People will do just about anything to not use the word “manager.”

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The Mintable raises total US$6M led by Blackbird to develop great managers globally

Today, the team at The Mintable is thrilled to announce big news:
  • We’ve raised a total of US$6M in funding led by Blackbird
  • We’ve hired an AMAZING Head of Product, Marie-Claire Dean, who joins us from Google and Atlassian
  • We’ve launched a brand new platform and we’re expanding our membership offerings available to both individual managers looking to accelerate their careers and talent-minded organizations investing in their teams.
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