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The Mintable is a community-based learning and growth platform for ambitious managers

Developing the next generation of all-star managers powering the world’s fastest growing companies

invest in the amplifiers of your organization: your managers


Build a happy, high-performing team by developing your bench of all-star managers

The Mintable gives your managers the skills to become confident, effective leaders. The impact? Happy, engaged teams, boosted productivity, and reduced staff turnover.

Training your managers are actually excited about

Forget low adoption rates and theoretical frameworks. The Mintable’s training is practical and designed for real-life, and can be actioned from day one.

Develop the critical soft skills you need now and in the future

Soft skills are critical for effective people managers but mostly go unaddressed in manager training. This capability is core to our program, enabling you to grow this organizational muscle.

Invest in turnkey learning that scales with your growth

Empower your HR teams to deliver scalable, personalized learning experiences to every manager in a way that complements your overall leadership strategy. With easy sign-up, no minimum requirements and regular reporting, investing in your team has never been easier.

Why invest in your managers?


After completing the Mintable 4-week Foundations Accelerator, Mintable managers say:


I am more effective


I feel better positioned to advance in my career


I am more confident


I have a better relationship with my team

How does it work?

Our team has spent years managing and developing managers at high-growth unicorns. Give your managers the benefit of our battle-tested experience with the learning, tools, and support so they can handle anything.


Manager Foundations Accelerator

New managers build the right foundation and boost growth in this 4-week virtual experience alongside fellow ambitious managers.


Global community

Being a manager can be a lonely, hard job. That’s why community is a cornerstone of The Mintable. Managers get inspiration, support, and empathy from talented peers.


Ongoing learning & tools

Most manager enablement is focused on learning. But after? No one is around to help with the tough stuff – the doing. That’s why we’re delivering this experience as a platform and partnering with managers for the long-haul.

ready to build your all star leadership bench?


arm your team with the tools to deal with the demands of day-to-day management

  • Manager chat forums

  • Instructor-led power hours

  • Speaker series & curated AMAs

  • Reminders

  • Unlimited, on-demand content

  • Coaching circles


When you upskill your managers, your entire team benefits

Ready to build your all star leadership bench?