Being a great people manager is basically learning a whole new job on top of whatever you were doing before. That’s why we start your journey with a cohort-based accelerator and provide ongoing learning opportunities.



This platform is built not just for learning but doing. We give you tools to make best practices part of your daily work, like how to engage your team, set expectations, and give feedback.



We’ve worked with a lot of managers and even the most jaded have become fans of talking with one another. The Mintable is the place for you to talk it through, get advice, and even be inspired.

What is the manager foundation accelerator?

It’s a performance-boosting, foundation-building program that serves as the entry point for new managers to join The Mintable.

This 4-week program includes weekly pre-reads, engaging live sessions, and tools to help you succeed. You’ll be part of an ambitious peer cohort and gain access to seasoned group coaches. When you invest in a strong foundation, you’ll go far.

* Meet talented peers

* Cultivate self-awareness in your role

* Learn what being a great manager looks like

* Discuss how to manage up, down, and around

* Talk about the purpose of people management

* Build strategic understanding of your team

* Discuss ways to create meaningful connection

* Learn how to define what success looks like

* Become an expectation-setting machine (this is a good thing)

* Assess where clarity is needed

* Learn how to give different types of feedback

* Reflect on what ownership means

* Maximize what and how you communicate

* Get the most out of your days

* Build delegation muscle

Take the fast lane to a happy, high-performing team. Join now.